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  • Supports HDTV

  • 16.5 ft
    Long Cable

  • Coaxial
    Connector Cable

  • 80mi Amplifier
    Extends Range

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UltraLink will get you unlimited free HD television. The stylish antenna works anywhere and pulls in crystal-clear, full quality HDTV. The super easy plug-and-play antenna at your finger tips allows anyone to start watching free TV in minutes.

UltraLink Antenna

Tons of Channels

With UltraLink, you will get up to 80+ premium quality channels for FREE. Channels include ABC, Fox, CBS, PBS, NBC, and MUCH more!

  • Supports HDTV

  • 16.5 ft
    Long Cable

  • Coaxial
    Connector Cable

  • 80mi Amplifier
    Extends Range

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UltraLink TV - Live In Action

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No Contracts Or Fees
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Millions of Americans are paying way too much for subscription TV services. In fact, you could be one of the many that are spending hundreds of dollars more than they should be!

With the UltraLink, you can access the most popular channels without paying an overpriced cable subscription. All you pay for is the one-time cost of the device and that’s it. It’s the sensible alternative to your current TV plan.

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Cutting Edge Technology

The UltraLink is designed using powerful, military-inspired technology that will bring you crystal-clear HD TV channels and brilliant sound quality. Because the antenna pulls the 24/7 broadcast signal directly from the TV towers, it will continue to work as long as you have power.

That means once the device is set up, you won’t need to worry about signal outages!

See what this the only TV Device you’ll ever need!

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  • Over 100+ Channels
  • HD Quality
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  • 30-Day Guarantee
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  • UltraLink
  • HDTV Antenna
  • Indoor HDTV Antenna
  • Outdoor Digital TV Antenna

UltraLink Antenna

Real Customer Reviews

Sean Fitzgerald

"Wow. Very Cool!

All in all, very good! Honestly at first, I was skeptical, but installation was super-easy and I got tons of new channels instantly.

Tracy Miller

"Happy Customer

My sister recommended this to me!! I thought I’d have trouble figuring it out, but it was so easy, even for me. Worth every penny!

Jamie Stein

"Great Product!

It works great! There were a few issues at first, but customer service was super helpful and I got those fixed right away. I love it!!!

Dexter Afellnoider

"That was easy

I'm an electrical engineer, and I think this idea is pure genius! I realized that the best antenna is the wiring in a house! It's like a gigantic parabolic dish! I ordered one as soon as I saw it on sale, and I’m really happy with the results!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UltraLink?

UltraLink is a state of the art digital TV antenna, that uses military-inspired technology to bring High definition TV channels right to your home 100% Free.

Is streaming free HDTV legal?
How many channels are you able to access?
Are all channels in HD?
Are there any contracts or subscriptions?
Will it work with my television?
Is the antenna bulky or unattractive?
Is it hard to install?

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